Atoms: Chain Reaction

Create chain reactions with your atoms to take over your opponents’ squares. Fill up squares to make them explode into the neighbouring squares and claim them as your own.

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Time your jump to land Bit safely onto the moving platforms. The platforms move faster and faster the more times you successfully jump, so timing is an essential skill.

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Bit Defender

How long Bit hold out against the evil blocks as you destroy their buildings?

Survive as long as you can against their merciless attacks, and use their own missiles against them to fight off a variety of enemies, and destroy their precious buildings!

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The Galactic Aquarium

The Galactic Aquarium is a fun, addictive game that’s easy to get into but hard to master! Try to breed all the different types of fish in the game by managing your tank to keep your fish fed – without them eating each other!

Good luck!

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What would happen if Worms and Angry Birds had a bit to much to drink, got a litttle friendly and ended up having a love child? A new interesting creature might be born. Probably some grotesque creature that was feathery, slimy and wanted to eat itself. In fact, if it was somehow genetically possible then I’m pretty sure it would be killed off by natural selection.

On the other hand, if the basic premise of the popular video games of the same name were to be combined you end up with some crazy fun!

BOOMBA! is a game we made in collaboration with RadiationBurn

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